Funding Blockchain Projects, The "Old Way"

We have witnessed thousands of blockchain-related projects that exploded onto the global stage over the past couple of years with nothing but a fancy website and a serious-looking whitepaper, promising to disrupt multi-billion Euro industries and change the world forever. And we have also seen the vast majority of them not deliver even a fraction of what they promised. Unfortunately, many of them collected millions of Euros worth of investments from the hyped-up, but insufficiently informed public, before disappearing into the murky waters.

Scams and Ponzi schemes are still abundant, but only a part of the problem, though. There is a significant portion of blockchain-related startups and projects started by established companies, which simply can't stand on their own merit. Certain ideas can not be turned into successful businesses regardless of how many buzzwords one slaps on them.

Funding 0bsnetwork Blockchain Platform, The Right Way

That's why we decided to focus our resources on building our platform instead of a fancy website. Get our suite of products out into the world first and invite the global community to invest in it once its not only up and running, but alive with activity. Supporting real-world projects of real-world companies and generating real-world fees for the node owners and operators. We have been working hard on making 0bsnetwork the best blockchain platform for the real world, as well as on bringing it to business audiences in Austria and the surrounding countries.

Our Testnet has been running for a while now, you can try it out for yourself by following the links provided in the Resources/Testnet section of our website.

And we have been investing a lot of our time in business development. We are currently working with several companies, developing solutions for them on top of our platform, and we will launch the Mainnet as soon as at least one of our clients is ready to go live with their blockchain project. It's difficult to tell at the moment whether it will be one of the companies we have been working with longer, such as Caroo (100% electric car sharing platform), RDAi (Real Digital Asset Index) or Der Brutkasten (largest startup and high-tech media house in Austria and soon in other German-speaking countries), or one of the companies we've just started working with (we will publish names in the coming weeks).


In any case, we plan to do an ICO for 0bsnetwork in about 18 months. Once the platform is buzzing with activity. So that you don't have to put too much hope in our promises, but can see for yourself that investing in 0bsnetwork coin makes sense for you.

Private Sale

In order to fund the development of the 0bsnetwork public platform over that initial 18-month period, we are currently in the process of private sale of a limited initial supply of the 0bsnetwork coin to a small group of selected investors. Due to strict European regulations on public investment offerings, we're not allowed to publish any details. But if you can't wait for the ICO, send us an email, with some information about yourself, as well as what you would like to contribute to the development of 0bsnetwork at this stage, to