Tailor-made Blockchain Solutions

Tokenize your business, store and transact valuable information and data, deploy your custom blockchain. Total flexibility around one of today's most exciting technologies, provided by the creators of the 0bsnetwork blockchain platform:

Aside from steering and developing the public 0bsnetwork blockchain platform, Blockstruct offers a range of solutions for integration of blockchain into your business. From concept development and design via proof of concept (PoC), testing, implementation and continuous development. We work with businesses of all sizes: startups, small and medium to large multinational enterprises.

Public and government blockchain is also on our agenda. Digital ID, transparency and anti-corruption solutions; designed cleverly and implemented competently, solutions based on blockchain technology can meaningfully contribute to making the world a better place.

But, what is blockchain good for?

A question we hear very often and the primary reason we started this enterprise in the first place. What it's good for and when you should consider adopting blockchain technology to address specific needs of your business - that's easily answered by analysing the basic characteristics of the technology. If your business needs any of the following, or it would be nice to have one or more of these to improve your projects in any way, blockchain is the right technology for you:

Distributed and Inherently Redundant

All the information, data and transactions are stored and processed by a globally distributed network of independent servers, commonly in a blockchain network referred to as nodes. All network nodes are equal in every respect, therefore failure of one or several of them won’t affect the availability of the processing power, data & transactions stored on the blockchain in any way. Business process continuity is ensured by design.


Each node stores the full history of data and independently verifies all the transactions. And anyone can run their own node. So there is no need for central authority, or to trust any one party as the arbiter of truth in the system. Think of it as exactly the opposite of the banking system: when sending Euros from one account to another, it is your bank who determines that you have sufficient funds to make the transaction and keeps track of the changes on the accounts of the sender and the receiver. The bank provides a "trusted third party" service to account holders and, as we know all too well, banks are not flawless. Blockchain makes such services obsolete.


Once data and/or transactions are stored in a block and confirmed by the network of nodes, they cannot be deleted, or tampered with. Subsequent updates, or changes of state, are possible, but the entire history will always remain visible.


Public blockchain platforms are normally fully transparent and auditable by anyone. This provides perfect solution for all those cases when you want your business partners or customers to have insight into All one needs to  applications (data, transactions, etc.) can be fully transparent and auditable for any participant in the network, or permissioned, with managed rights of access

Autonomous and Self-Executing

“Smart Contracts” enable total automation – from resource management to payments, no human operators are ever required to oversee, steer or verify the execution of well designed business processes and relationships


Unlike the Bitcoin blockchain (~5 TX/s), or Ethereum (~20 TX/s), we now have blockchain technologies capable of processing up to 1,000 transactions per second and soon more; speed that allows real-time business applications. For reference, Paypal processes around 200 TX/s and Visa a bit less than 2,000 TX/s globally.