Blockchain As Your Infrastructure

With its unique characteristics, Blockchain is perfectly suited for a significant share of your enterprise infrastructure. If it only weren't so slow, cumbersome and expensive. Well, we have the solution: 0bsnetwork blockchain platform is fast, easy to deploy and develop applications on, and we have made it affordable.

Private Blockchain, by Blockstruct

0bsnetwork public and open platform is great for use cases that require very large and diverse customer base and total transparency. But you may want something a bit more tailored, custom-made for your business and your partner network. Our private blockchain infrastructure solutions are the right product for you.

Permissioned Blockchain

Whether on public, or private blockchain, you may want to assign different rights of access to reading, processing and/or writing data to the blockchain. That's also easily achievable with 0bsnetwork - we would be happy to develop a fully permissioned blockchain platform just for you.

We are working on the content for this section of the website and will go live with it in the coming days.