Issue Your Own Token on 0bsnetwork

Save Money And Time

As a startup wanting to tokenize your nascent business, you shouldn't need to hire an army of developers to write and audit the smart contract for your token. It's a waste of money and time. Token creation and issuance on the 0bsnetwork takes less than one minute and just a few clicks.

All you have to do is define your token's name, write a short description (careful, neither of these can be changed afterwards), enter the amount of tokens you want to issue, decide whether you want that to be the total supply, or you want to retain the possibility to issue more of the same token at a later date, enter the number of decimal places (your token can have up to 8 decimals) and click "Create". Your token is now officially a part of the 0bsnetwork platform, equal in every way to our native 0bsCoin, zEUR, zETH and all other tokens on the platform.

Once your token is created, you'll probably want to make it available for your customers to purchase. That means setting up the infrastructure for fiat (Euro, US Dollar, ...) payments, as well as listing your token on a cryptocurrency exchange. And that, again, takes time and money. Except on 0bsnetwork: your token is immediately tradeable on the built-in decentralized exchange. Euro gateway is also built in.

In other words, what can easily cost you more than 20,000 EUR and weeks, or even months, of developer time on Ethereum, you can achieve in less than a day on 0bsnetwork. At a total cost of way less than 1,000 EUR if you simply use our built-in tools and manage the entire process on your own.

Custom Fees

Another major feature of our platform are Custom Fees. On all other platforms, for any transactions involving your token, you need to pay fees in the native currency of that platform. As an example, to send YourCustomToken on Ethereum from one wallet to another, you need to have Ether in your wallet, to pay the transaction fees. Which, if your brand and the comfort of your customers is important to you, is a terrible idea. Imagine Starbucks customers wanting to pay for coffee using their StarbucksCoins, to have to purchase Ether in addition, for the fees. Not to mention that using Ethereum network for any real world application is unfeasible anyway, due to the slowness of the network and constantly changing but always expensive fees.

In order to get rid of such issues, several months before founding the 0bsnetwork, Srdjan came up with a design of an elegant and effective solution that Waves platform also adopted and implemented in their code: Custom Fees (on Waves platform, this feature is wrongly named Sponsored Transactions).

As the token issuer, you can decide to enable transaction fees payment on 0bsnetwork in your own token. All the fees collected from your customers will then go directly to your wallet. And normal network fees payable in zEUR will be taken from your wallet. This is designed primarily as a customer comfort and user experience brading feature, but it can also make you money. As each token transaction costs 0.03 zEUR, if you decide to charge your customers the equivalent of 0.06 zEUR, the difference will be your profit. You get to keep the equivalent of 0.03 zEUR per transaction. And you can change the cost of transactions in your tokens at any time.

Just another reason why 0bsnetwork is Blockchain For The Real World.